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Welcome to the hub for Team True Blue. This is the go to site to keep up to date with our team and Lifevantage.  We host a team call every Sunday at 8pm est.  Call in 712-775-7031, meeting ID 404 668 435.  If you miss the call live, you can listen to the playback posted on the blog page.

On our “Blog” page you will find our weekly phone meetings and the latest happenings with the team.

FREEDOM 5  (Get your name on the list)

Jessica Crate

Dr. Beverly Lansden

Tom Hageman

Leslie Styhl

Rosemary McAlister

Dustin Boudreaux

Shelia DeLeon

Dean Pellegrin

Ted & Mary Hudspeth

Debbie Ricks

Araceli Reyes

Elena Bleakley

Lynette Young

Daniel Bernard

Fred Graves

Rhiannon Whitfield

Kent & Shannon Arceneaux

Merrill & Linda Lund

Arlene White

Jeff & Melissia Williamson

Mark Arceneaux

Lauren Hill

Laura Watson

Dean Pellegrin

Angela & Bernie Boudreaux

Bobby Kim

Amanda Vasquez

Glen & Janice Hayes

Teri Brown

Jana Stone

Debbie Kyle

Barbara Bourland

Nelly Robles

Matt Waldrop

Jessica Perez

Brandon & Katrina Evans

Zack Smith

Cheryl Ray

Nichole Vazquez

Mimi Madden

Ginny Rossuck

Ray & Stefina Rojas

Jim Heldreth

Gretchen Trasorras & Jessica Adams

Gary Stern

Travis & Kim Hall

Simon Kessler

Tim & Tori Hill

John & Lisa Evenson

Don & Kristinne Babinsky

Mike Huey


Let me know if  you are a part of the Freedom 5.  We will get you name on the list.

Time Freedom catch of the week.  

gary fish


Look at Tim and Tori Hill’s NEW JEEP!!!!!!!






LV on the Pepsi Can !!!!!  Gooooooooaaaaaaalllllllllll



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